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 Weight Diary pour UC 322/321/321P (balances médicales)

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 Weight diary for UC 322/321/321P (Free Software)
The Weight Diary is designed to enhance usage of the UC series of Precision Personal Scales. It accepts not only your weight data to show trend and BMI, but also your daily diet and activity in order to build a record of your eating and exercise habits. This software is downloadable from A&D’s website for all UC-321 users. It is a standard accessory with the UC-321P, and it transfers all data automatically to your computer if connected by the cable provided. (Data needs to be entered manually when used with UC-321.)Now latest version of 5.16 (kg version) displays a longer term trend such as 3 months in one screen. This makes recognition of your weight or BMI trend easier for watching your health.

Models to be connected: UC-321P (UC-321)


Download :

Weight Diary (kilogramme version)  : 2.9MB ZIP file