bandeau entete
Flameproof Enclosure

Explosion Protected
Weighing Indicator




1/10,000 display resolution.
High Sampling Speed — 100 times per second.
Clear Blue Fluorescent Display.
100 Set Point sets — Each set is assigned a code number.
Automatic Free Fall Compensation.
Standard Current Loop with built-in buzzer.
Lithium Battery BackUp lets you backup the Zero Compensation, Tare Weight, Set Point and Accumulation Data.
Compact size.
Automatic Accumulation.
Nozzle Down Control Function.
Input/Output Selection — Select a maximum of 6 sequences from 15 types of input and 20 types of output.
Auto Print.
Fully complies with IEC Standards.
For use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 Hazard Areas where explosive gases exist in the air.


OP-03 RS-422 / 485 Serial Interface*
OP-04 RS-232C Serial Interface*
OP-07 analog output
OP-10 Conduit Fittings HPN21(R8) (Fitting cable diameter : up to 8mm beyond 6mm)
OP-11 Conduit Fittings HPN21(R10) (Fitting cable diameter : up to 10mm beyond 8mm)
OP-12 Conduit Fittings HPN21(R12) (Fitting cable diameter : up to 12mm beyond 10mm)
OP-13 Conduit Fittings HPN21(R14) (Fitting cable diameter : up to 14mm beyond 12mm)
OP-14 Conduit Fittings HPN21(R16) (Fitting cable diameter : up to 16mm beyond 14mm)
OP-20 Stand
*Only one interface option can be installed and operational